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Birthdate:Aug 20

For the most part, this journal will involve fandom, of exactly three things: X-Men: First Class (2011), Thor (2011) (but mostly Loki), and The Avengers (2012) (but mostly Loki). Naturally, my three favourite actors are Messrs. T. Hiddleston, J. McAvoy, and M. Fassbender. I ship Cherik – I ship it hard, and I am definitely guilty of sometimes forgetting that other shippings exist in the XM:FC fandom (I saw the words "Hank/Alex" yesterday and went, "Huh?" for a few embarrassing moments). Having said that, I consider myself fairly open minded about your kinks, shippings, fetishes, and what have you. I did all the "oh god why is there a pregnant MAN"-ing last year back when I was just getting into fandom. I am also Japanese, so I assure you that it will take something quite spectacularly messed up to shock me.

Please don't be shy! If we have anything in common, we'll probably get along. I don't bite, at least if you're not sitting on a dinner plate. We can be mutual friends! Unless you religiously upload pictures of your dog's turd every morning or something. That's kind of gross.

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aereogramme, alcest, alex summers, alternative rock, amesoeurs, angst, ao3, asexuality, avengers, bass guitar, being happy, big bang, biscuits, black metal, cats, charles xavier, charles xavier/erik lehnsherr, cherik, chris hemsworth, classical chinese, classical music, classy british gentlemen, cooking, crafts, culture studies, daredevil, death metal, dougie maclean, dune, edinburgh, education, erik lehnsherr, erik lensherr, fan art, fan-fiction, fanart, fandom, fanfic, fanfiction, fiction, film, films, filth, fluff, friends, german, germany, ginger beards, glasgow, h/c, handsome sharks, havoc, hawkeye, heavy metal, iron maiden, iron man, irvine welsh, james mcavoy, janos quested, japan, jeremy renner, judas priest, languages, les discrets, lgbt, lgbt rights, lgbtqia, living well, loki, loki laufeyson, lord of the rings, magneto, making friends, mandarin, maple syrup, marvel, max eisenhardt, maximum the hormone, mcfassy, michael fassbender, mlpfim, movies, music, my little pony, mythology, norse mythology, phil coulson, philosophy, piano, professor x, pudding, punk rock, rdj, reading, regional accents, riptide, roald dahl, robert burns, robert downey jr., s.o.s., sassy fassy, scotland, scots, singing in the shower, slash, smiling tom hiddlestons, sociology, stephen king, tea, teaching, terry pratchett, the 90s, the avengers, the beatles, the cooper temple clause, the smiths, the twilight sad, theatre, third culture kids, thor, thorki, tom hiddleston, trainspotting, we were promised jetpacks, writing, x men first class, x-men, x-men first class, x-men: first class
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